Remarkably noticed or the mood of Montreal

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In such a cafe when you eat, then surely any one of the many fluffies no-no and drag the most tasty morsel out from under the nose)) In general, the cat owner from such an atmosphere is dragged. And the Montreal cat lovers, in general, all the purrs quickly snapped up their homes, leaving the business of the cafe owner no chance. We test business ideas more thoroughly, comrades!) By the way, foreigners are very surprised why people prefer to buy a purebred animal from us rather than pick up from a shelter. In Canada, the situation is the opposite: many people keep animals, but there are very few purebreds. Many animals are taken from shelters in other countries.

My favorite activity a priori is to stand in traffic) Sometimes such melodramatic scenes unfold right before your eyes during this fascinating activity! Oksana Bayrak is resting)) And I, as a rational person, are generally used to spending this time in the company of a bald boy, Kai, from the cartoon of the same name. And all because he knows French much better than me. Despite such a young 4-year-old. Kai my cork teacher! I am standing in the morning traffic jam, I take care of Kai. Suddenly a driver comes out of the car in the next row, a thin bald uncle in years. Approaches the car of the girl behind him, and begins to learn to live! Like, next time, if you talk on the phone while driving, you can hurt someone. The girl with a guilty expression on her face listened in silence Apologized Agreed Had it happened on our roads it would hardly have cost without fights. But there would not be a terrific movie “What Men Talk About 2”. Those who are in the know will understand;) In general, she has repeatedly noticed that every Canadian is just sure that everything that happens to him, around him, in his house, park, district, city, and finally the country is his own business. And if not everything, then very much depends on his attitude and his actions. Admires this position.

Well, yes, now I spend driving a lot of time. Therefore, again the story, peeped out of the car window. The man who washes suddenly from the car in the next row comes the driver, thin bald uncle in years. Approaches the car of the girl behind him, and begins to learn to live! Like, the next time, if you talk on the telephone windows of cars stopped “at the traffic lights,” he runs up to the bus and draws a sponge on the ground window of the MTL I love Montreal. And everyone around, like him, smiling happily. Mood of the city!