Large imports of Canadian beverages and liquor

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This wine is a real gem in the field of alcoholic beverages in Canada. Its uniqueness lies in the unusual production, namely, freezing only by natural means (that is, nailed by frost). The price for such a pleasure is rather big for 200 ml the price starts from 25, 375 ml 40. Buy this wine can be virtually any liquor story, but keep in mind that most likely you will have to ask the sellers about it. As a rule, they store it in a special refrigerator to maintain the temperature of the drink. Royal a popular Canadian whiskey, there is another with maple syrup. Molson Canadian is also Canadian beer Canadian counterpart Sprite, only tastes better.

The Okanagan region is one of the wine-growing regions in Canada, and their wines compete with others internationally. In addition, an amazing cider is made in the Okanagan Valley. All this can also be found in the BC Liquor Store. Where do without cool clothes?) It does not matter to yourself or to a gift! In Canada, you will find a huge selection of good things at reasonable prices. I already wrote above about the network of stores Winners, and Hudson Bay. Now it’s about more specific stores. I’ll start with the beloved Canadian brand Roots. Style casual and maximum comfort in things. Prices are not super cheap, but when you see quality, you will definitely understand what the potential buyer is paying for. The next hero of my list will be, again, a Canadian sportswear shop Lululemon. Most Canadians love a sporty lifestyle all sorts of jogging, haikas, gyms and so on. This shop is a paradise for many canadas, stylish sportswear and excellent quality.

And of course, how can it be without American influence on Canada Forever21, H M, Victoria’s Secret, LaSenza, Bluenotes, Guess and much more. There is another store that brings together different brands Simons, prices are different, but as a rule things are of good quality. It is worth paying attention to the candles in the art store Michaels. Now more about the store Bath and Body Works is an American chain of stores specializing in home, shower and personal care products. Each new season they release divine candles))) My favorite is Fresh Balsam, which usually appears closer to Christmas, because the smell of the candle is a tree strewn with fresh, frosty snow. Or a candle with the aroma of fried marshmallows and a Christmas cookie Yummy Yummy)) In the summer season floral and sea scents of candles with an exquisite delicate aroma appear on the shelves. In the fall on the threshold of Thanksgiving Day themed candles with the smell of pumpkin and caramel, or baked apple pie with cinnamon begin to be sold. In addition to delicious flavors, you can enjoy and beautiful packaging candles. Such candles will be a great gift, especially for girls!

Another candle shop is Yankee Candle. Candles are not worse than in Bath and Body Works, the only packaging is simpler, but as they say the main stuffing). This shop has a lot of candles with different flavors, but if you want a piece of America, then to your happiness, there are a lot of authentic American flavors like Vanilla Cupcake