How now rent houses and apartments in Vancouver

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It’s no secret that the situation on the Vancouver real estate market is very critical. Renting an apartment or house is becoming more expensive, and if you find an option at or slightly below the market price, be prepared to fight at least 20 other applicants, and as a rule, the number of applicants can exceed a hundred. If you have children or animals, then your chances are almost nil. In connection with this whole situation, a Vancouver resident posted a funny ad on Craigslist. As they say, all this would be funny if it were not so sad.

The ad looks like this: Hello! We are renting our foundation That is our private house! We will live upstairs, and you will have a separate entrance from the backyard. (It’s impossible for our guests to find out about our little secret;) You will pay 1,500 per month (that is, as much as I pay for a mortgage) for three rooms (in the room where there was only one room, from which three tiny And despite the fact that the apartment has 3 beds, we want no more than two people to live there. So yes, a maximum of two people. For each additional person you will pay 500, just like that for no reason. You must also be one race with us and speak our language so that you can understand each other. But we do not want to rent an apartment to an English-speaking person (God forbid). It is better that you do not have pets and children, otherwise you will have to pay more for rent, because from them there is so much dirt! The house is five minutes from the primary and secondary schools, but this does not matter, because with children we can not. Parking is not, but who cares if you can not afford a car and parking space. There are many shopping centers not far from the apartments in which you will never buy anything.

And there is also a laundry nearby, but we don’t want a huge water bill because of you;) We give preference to working students. Because, honestly, we want you to come home just to sleep. So it will be better for our property;) And yes, only students of the girl, no guys. Smoking and drugs are prohibited, parties are not allowed either. And do not try to bring friends, late guests and relatives. If anything, we have the legal right to tell you who you can bring into the house and what you will do there. To rent a house for you, we need: Recommendations of your past landowners Photocopy of your identity card with a photo A bit of your blood Your first child You will need to call our agency, to which we have already passed all the requirements, and then you can see the house. But if you do not meet all the criteria, then do not waste the time of our realtors. We wish you good luck finding accommodation in the most expensive city in the world.