15 stereotypes about Canadians that are true

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As in many countries, there are some stereotypes in Canada that any tourist wants to see. Such assumptions as riding a bear to a place of work or dog sledding anywhere, as in all of Canada all year round winter is, of course, false, and those who come here quickly understand this. Especially obvious is the discrepancy between the Canadian year-round winter and the reality in British Columbia. Be that as it may, there are a number of stereotypes that are absolutely true. Despite the fact that it is fun to make fun of Canadians about these national quirks, most of them would like you to agree that they are kind, often apologize, and are also the most avid players in hockey than confused them with the Americans. Although, again, they most likely would have apologized for insulting US citizens.

Canada has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world: deserts in the hot summer, glaciers throughout the year, great places to ski, and one of the most well-established industries to enjoy it all. This country also boasts some of the best lakes, thousands of golf courses and more than 30 million of the nicest people you happen to meet in life.

Moreover, you are likely to be offered a bottle of good, strong Canadian beer, if you spend time with them for conversation. Well, or at least they will treat you to the famous Tim Horton’s chain of coffee, so it’s good that some of these stereotypes about Canada are true Despite the stereotype that Canada has frosts all year round and that Canadians live in iglu ride bears and dog sledding, there are still frosts that last for months. In summer, in some places, temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, but when winter comes and temperatures drop to –40 and snow accumulates on roofs in large numbers, it is not easy to recall hot summer days.

Because of such climatic surprises, Canadians are not so sensitive to cold. –10 or –15 in winter, local people don’t immediately put on their puffs, as tourists do. Moreover, no Canadian will wait for warming for any planned outdoor activities. This side of life is something that most people don’t find out until they visit British Columbia, which is on the west coast of Canada. Given that there is a favorable air temperature (can reach 40 degrees Celsius in summer), a high level of humidity and a lot of space to hide this expensive “crop” in fields that will never be searched, British Columbia has everything to produce the best bumps in the world